Stephen John Mack received his Ph.D from the University of Southern California where he is currently a Senior Lecturer in Advanced Writing. For additional information, see Bio.

Stephen John Mack

Teacher, Writer


The Blog: Comments, notes and news on politics and culture.

The Brecher Brief: Comments on the law.

Citizen John: Notes on the challenge of raising a public spirited child.

Essays and Excerpts: A sampling of published and unpublished work.

The Book: Contents, description and a review of The Pragmatic Whitman: Reimagining American Democracy .

"A Whitman for our Time."
- Jerome Loving,
"Stephen John Mack's The Pragmatic Whitman: Reimagining American Democracy, [is] The most thoroughly informed philosophical reading of Whitman to appear in decades. Mack develops the premise . . . that Whitman shares with John Dewey a vision of democracy as a 'civic religion' in America, a profoundly secularist and progressive perspective."

- M. Jimmie Killingsworth, Texas A & M University
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